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Dynamic Site Accelerator

Gain a competitive edge by improving site load times

the Dynamic Site Accelerator



Do you sell things on your site? Does your site have user-generated content or make money through advertising? Companies like Best Buy®, IBM®, Monster.com®, and Yahoo!® use the Dynamic Site Accelerator by the world-renowned Internet solution company, Akamai, to ensure that their customers can view and purchase items or content quickly.

The industry standard for Web page load time is just three seconds - that's all the time you have to make sure your page loads before potential customers abandon and go to a competitor. The Dynamic Site Accelerator is an enterprise solution that aims to guarantee four second or less load times by using 'edge servers' located all over the globe.


  • A no-fuss, easy way to decrease the load time of your site
  • Can be added to any or all of your account's domains and subdomains
  • Your Web pages could be viewed up to 5x faster then using basic web infrastrucure
  • An affordable and accessible way to speed up your site—in ways no hardware appliance can

How Does it Work?

After purchasing the Dynamic Site Accelerator, your domain will be repointed and all future requests for your website will look for the closest server in the Akamai network.

The Akamai 'edge servers' cache your site's content—images, CSS and Javascript—resulting in a speedier load time. Even HTML requests are routed through this optimized network to retrieve content via the quickest and most efficient path possible.

For $2.95/mo, you can ensure customers will be able to quickly access your site from wherever they may be. Get started now.


*Akamai will not work for customers with their own SSL certificate.